5 Skills That Matter More Than Your Mark Sheet When You Walk Into An Interview

Majority of guardians in India are focusing their attention in pressurizing their child for getting more marks in exams. But, the million dollar question that lies here is whether marks are the only criteria for judging the knowledge and the skill of a student.

In many cases, it has been found that students may possess competent knowledge about a subject but due to lack of confidence they cannot perform well in the exam. And this cannot be the ultimate reflection of a student’s knowledge or skill.

They may perform well if there was no pressure of an exam. Private home tutors are also concentrating their way of teaching for scoring good marks rather than enhancing the knowledge of the students. However, today, for imparting education online learning facilities are available.

Delhi University students wait for their interviews during a job placement drive at the North Campus. (Photo by Qamar Sibtain/India Today Group/Getty Images)


We cannot blame guardians for that as the education system in the country is forcing parents to think in this manner. All the students are participating in a rat race. Their individual talents on different fields are not judged upon in a proper manner. This pressure basically affects the physical as well as the mental health of the child very negatively. Some students within the age group of 16-18 years often cannot handle this intense pressure and may resort to extreme steps like suicide.

Today the scenario involves students studying to score more marks rather than to gain more knowledge. This hampers the overall development of a child in a big measure. But, in the practical field as well as in a professional field a person will be successful if they possess in-depth knowledge about their specialization.

Only mugging up the concepts without understanding can put a student in a big trap in their career of choice. For example, if on the basis of marks, a student got science stream but the concepts of science are not very clear in their mind, then at the time of job applications, they will face problems.

There are certain important things that matter the most in the professional field when compared to marks:

1. Experience

Today, the most vital thing that parents don’t understand is that in the professional field experience matters the most compared to marks. This is why in an interview the first question that is being asked is, “How many years of experience do you have?”

In such a scenario, if the candidate is a fresher then only the strong knowledge on their field will matter the most compared to the good marks on the subject.

2. Higher Goal Setting

The higher a goal being set by the student in their life, the better it is. The reason being their level of preparation will be stronger. To go ahead in life, high ambition and determination is very important. Without these traits, a good mark sheet is nothing but recognition reflected in a piece of paper.

3. Presentation Skills

The level of presentation skills sometimes can convert a boring topic into an interesting one. This is why marks are such a narrow concept to judge the capability of a candidate.

With online learning being prevalent these days, only the great presenter will get the scope of recruiting more students compared to recruiting just the topper of the batch.

4. Networking

My friend, this is the 21st century! In the professional field, network and connection matter more than marks.  Marks are just an ornament and network is the life blood of your career graph.

So, parents must be proactive in recognizing and developing the soft skills of the candidate. This is why online learning has become the new trends of today’s education process.

5. Time Management

Time is the most dominating factor in a student’s life. It can make him or break them very easily. So, developing a time management skills is very important in one’s life. This can help them in providing a better platform to their skills.

Lastly, parents need to think in a different manner about their child to get more viable responses from them. Guardians need to be proactive in their approach in order to get the best outcome from their child. By this type of approach, students can get the freedom of choosing their streams as per their wish and talent.

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