10 Reasons Why Wake Up Sid Should Be On Your Must-Watch List As A Student

It certainly would be no overstatement to say that today, a youngster’s life has become as complicated as it possibly can. The degree of parental pressure to succeed on the academic front is immense. Also, a vast majority of parents still nurture this belief that choosing a conventional career path is the only way to succeed in life. The slang “mera beta engineer banega” (My son will become an engineer) has still got a considerable amount of steam left in it. Parental pressure often ends up robbing children of the small joys they come across in their lives.

Wake Up Sid is one of the most well made coming-of-age comedy dramas that aptly portrays the current breed of youngsters.

I remember watching this film as a 15-year-old teenager. The film established an instant connection with college-goers then because of its sincere take on the issues and challenges faced by urban youth.

10 years down the line, let us take a quick look at 10 major takeaways from the film.

1. Life Is Tough, But Friends Make It Better For You

No matter what you are going through, friends are always there to help you. It goes without saying that family occupies the centre stage, but friends too are an important building block of your life. Going out and partying with friends is just a single aspect of friendship. On a broader note, no matter what problem you’re facing, personal or professional, friends are always there to calm you down and for you to fall back on.

2. It’s Never Too Late To Pursue Your Passion

This was my most important takeaway after watching the film. Siddharth (Ranbir Kapoor’s character in the film) takes his own sweet time to understand that photography can also be taken up as a profession. He keeps taking photographs while hunting for a job and it is his passion that ends up getting him a job as a photographer at a lifestyle magazine.

3. Making An Unconventional Career Choice Isn’t A Bad Idea

Not everybody can (and has to) become a chartered accountant or a doctor. It is absolutely fine if you are not planning to go the conventional way. No profession in life is easy as there are challenges everywhere, but in the long run, it is your interest and passion that help you sustain your profession. Sid, too, is able to rekindle his love his love for photography in the film.

4. Your First Paycheck Is Always Special

Ah, nothing can beat the joy one feels on receiving the first salary! Just like Sid goes running to meet his father to show him his first paycheck, sharing our first share of hard earned money with our parents and dear ones gives joy unparalleled.

5. You Do Feel Bad When You Fail But Your Friend Clears The Exam

Let us just accept it. No one wants to fail, not even the most ignorant souls within the classroom. It really hurts when, despite putting in all hard yards, one fails the semester exams. But it hurts even more when your friend clears the exam and you don’t. You know the lesson – never believe a friend when he says, “Arre bhai, tu chinta na kar. Fail honge toh saath mein” (Don’t you worry! If it comes to failing, it’ll be the both of us).

6. Saying No To Your Comfort Zone Is Necessary

It goes without saying that living on “Daddy ka cash” is tempting. As a student, most of us aren’t bothered about where the money is coming from. But once we start earning, we understand that earning money isn’t as simple as it appears to be.

We aren’t aware of several hardships and take things for granted. Sid too, like every other urban youngster, nurtures a “chalta hai” (It’s fine, whatever) attitude towards life, but things take a turn when the realization dawns upon him that he’ll have to fend for himself.

7. Mom Always Helps, No Questions Asked

That is a universal truth. Through travels, tribulations, hardships, differences, our mothers always have our back. The film succeeds in portraying the mother-son bond wherein Sid’s mother wants him to return despite the fact that he is careless and takes everything for granted. She even pays a secret visit to Aisha’s apartment when Sid isn’t around to hand her some money and essentials.

8. Running Away Is Never An Option

There comes a time in everybody’s life when coming to terms with your situation is the only choice you have. Handling your problems on your own not only makes you independent, but also adds significantly to your confidence and self-worth.

Sid realizes this after he moves in to live with Aisha, and it proves to be life-altering for him. It’s also important to spend time with self, learn to enjoy solitude and make most of it; knowing oneself adds a substantial amount to our individuality.

9. If You’re Passionate About Something, Your Parents Will Eventually Understand

Parents always want their children to succeed in life, which is understandable. They want their children to have a life of their own, to be independent. Their protective instinct for their children, sometimes, clouds their better part and makes them be stern. But, they eventually always understand because nothing makes them happier than seeing their children content.

Sid is always at sixes and sevens with his father but runs all the way to his office after he receives his first paycheck. He tells his father about his love for photography and how he has been able to carve out a career out of it. They embrace and even the viewer is filled with hope.

10. Finally, Love Doesn’t Always Mean Checking Boxes That Are Normal

Love doesn’t happen with planning. More often than not, it knocks at your door unannounced, when you least expect it. Aisha and Sid expected something else altogether from their respective partners, but they ended up finding solace and love in one another. Love happens when and the way it has to; it’s not a planned endeavour. So, it’s essential to just breathe and go with the flow.

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